updated 1/19/06



1. Axles: Clod, Jugg or TXT-1 axles. Customized solid axles ok (must fall within other rules)
2. Chassis: Any stock, custom or aftermarket chassis kit.
3. Motors: any readily available 540 size motors, brushless is ok
4. Batteries: 6 or 7 cell battery pack (sub-c cells, 7 cells max)
5. Tires/wheels: any Clod/TXT specific tire, NO Emaxx/Tmaxx tires
6. Wheel base: 14" max


* We will let some of these rules slide until you are able to make the adjustments to your truck, or you are always welcome to race in Modified class!

1. Axles: Clod, Jugg or TXT axles.
2. Chassis: any stock, aftermarket or custom chassis that runs the shocks from the chassis to the axle. No cantilever or link mounted suspensions accepted. Shocks must not lean over "too far" in any angle. (Basically, we are trying to stick with a very basic chassis and suspension for this class. Suspension diagram will be posted soon. A little bit of shock angle is ok)
3. Body: Any truck body. Replica monster truck bodies are a plus.
4. Motors:
any machine wound motor down to a 17turn. 16turn and lower are illegal for Spec class.
5. Speed Control: You may use any ESC
6. Servo: You may use any servos
7. Tires: clodbuster box stock tires only, no cuts, no foams.
8. Wheel mods: wheels must remain stock. NO wheel wideners and NO extra drill holes in the wheel.
9. Battery: any 6 cell stick pack
10. Ride Height: lowest point of the chassis must not sit below the bottom of the axle (1.875", 48mm)
11. Front mounted servos and steering kits only (corrected ackerman systems, AKA "behind the axle steering" are NOT allowed in this class. For example, you can NOT run the Berzerker steering system)



"Sedan Conversion" Chassis can be any 1:10 scale 4wd sedan chassis. Such as TC3/TC4, Losi XXXS, RS4 Rally, Tamiya 4wd sedans and tamiya rally kits are also ok, etc. . .

1. Chassis: any 4wd chassis not to exceed 210mm width or 10.75" wheelbase. Most of us run RS4 Rally kits, Tamiya Pajeros/Touareg/F-150 or S-10 kits
2. Motor: any single roar legal stock motor, no mods or brushless allowed
3. Tires: Must use Tamiya Pajero Style tires only, WE NEED TO GET THE PART NUMBER AND THE ACTUAL NAME.
4. Body: truck bodies only
5. Any 6 cell stick pack



1. Motor, ESC, Batteries: Anything goes - go nuts.
2. Wheels/Tires: Any truck wheel/tire combo, NO 1/8th scale buggy wheels
3. make sure your truck can turn tight, we run some tight tracks! =)