Minnesota Monster Truck Racers

MMTR is on break
MMTR has no racing schedule for '07.  We were not getting enough racers to attend, so we decided to go on hiatus until further notice.

MMTR is a radio control club for 1:10th scale electric truck racing.

MONSTER TRUCK RACING: MMTR specializes in replicating full size monster truck racing. Our largest racing class is Modified Monster Truck. This class is open to trucks with solid axles and 4-link suspension designs. We race in a tournament style, head to head compeition on two side by side courses. Many of our track layouts are usually tight for utilizing 4-wheel steering. Most of us run aftermarket or custom Clodbuster chassis kits, but you may also run Juggernaut/TXT axles. MMTR also has a new SPEC monster truck class to help keep costs down and trucks a little slower (rules are posted).

TOUGH TRUCK RACING: We also race "tough trucks". Our main tough truck racing class is based on touring car or rally car kits with a "spec truck tire". Most of us run the HPI Rally because of it's added suspension travel and strong design. You could also run a converted Losi XXXS or TC3, TC4, etc... The main rule is that everyone must run the Tamiya "BF Goodrich" Tire. This tire is found on the followingTamiya kits; Pajero, Touareg, F-150, Hummer and S10 trucks. We will also allow the Tamiya High Lift tires. The tires can usually be found at RC Car Kings in Burnsville or ordered from any local hobby shop or on-line. Tires may also be purchased direct from Tamiya USA. You may use any 1.9" wheel.

Beyond our Wednesday night club racing, we also hold special events throughout the year. Click on the events button on the left for more information.

tamiya clod buster picture

We're on break until further notice

1) Modified Monster truck (solid axle)
2) 4wd tough truck (4wd, stock motor)
3) Spec monster truck (17turn solid axle, 6 cell class)

Email us if you have any questions!



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